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Selection Techniques For Wet Wipes
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Choose wet wipes on demand

1, ordinary cleaning, family or out of use, you can choose ordinary wipes, to meet the purpose of cleaning;

2, for a relatively high demand, the hope that after the cleaning has a certain effect of sterilization, you can choose sanitary wipes, but sanitary wipes can only have a certain antibacterial effect, wipe after a period of time will play the role of sterilization, can not achieve disinfection effect;

3, for the special requirements of the hope of rapid sterilization, disinfection of the role of wet wipes, then must choose disinfection wipes, can be more thorough sterilization, mainly for the defense of sudden flu.

Therefore, in the reasonable choice of wet towel premise, can achieve clean, sanitary, disinfection effect, not all wet wipes have the same effect, this is a misunderstanding.